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Plurkish Odds and Ends

I was lucky enough to do a live Web broadcast of the Saturday Night Monkey last night, as a guest of @MarkKarras and @calinazaret, who were more than nice enough to let me talk about how great Plurk is, and to promote the Plurkable PlurkCast a little. It was all great fun, and I was […]

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Plurk-to-Response Ratios

Plurkers talk quite a bit about their “Plurk to response ratios.” That makes sense, because they really are indicative of the way that you are using Plurk and what you are probably getting out of it. If nothing else, it is interesting to see how widely they vary. There is almost certainly no “right” ratio, […]

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The Great Plurk Spam Attack of 2008

So there I was, cruising through the timeline, trying to avoid clicking “Mark all as read” one more time. And what is there, big as you please, but a huge overripe hunk of (im)pure spam! This was not your garden variety, “Could you Digg this?” or “Take a look at my blog…” or “Could you […]

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Daily Plurk Grab Bag

First, let me say that yesterdays Plurkcast was an absolute blast to be involved in. Eric, owner of, has been nice enough to tell me that I can come back next week, and any other week that I want. I am so into Plurk, and so behind what Eric is doing, that I cannot […]

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Incredible Plurkin’ People

Yeah, I know, Plurk has questions-for-Karma spammers. Yes, I also know that Plurk has the occasional person who uses their plurks solely to show us how important (they think) they are. Those people are annoying, but you can find people like that everywhere, on-line or even in that weird real-life place. On Plurk, you can […]

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Plurk Is For Conversations, Dammit!

This column is once again inspired by events. What the heck would we do without events? This time, it was a comment on yesterday’s column by Douglas Karr, a respected internet marketing maven. He is not sure yet about Plurk, because of the lack of a standalone client and integration to other social media sites. […]

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