So there I was, cruising through the timeline, trying to avoid clicking “Mark all as read” one more time. And what is there, big as you please, but a huge overripe hunk of (im)pure spam! This was not your garden variety, “Could you Digg this?” or “Take a look at my blog…” or “Could you look at so-an-so’s site?” (which are all acceptable parts of the game) but instead looked for all the world like every work-at-home scan-spam that I get in my Junk mailbox. This was spammy-spam.

I was more than a little appalled.

There were the expected protests. In fact, the spammer even directed some nasty comments at a good plurker and friend of mine that complained. That was way over the line for me. First, I muted the offensive piece of mystery meat. Then I stopped following the spammer. Then I unfriended the offending plurker. Maybe that way, it will count against them three times. They deserve all three.

Even if it wasn’t spam, and I’m fairly sure it was, it was incredibly stoopid and in extremely poor taste. I cannot imagine the kind of mindset that it would take to put a piece of crap like that on the timeline, even if it was legitimate. The more I think about it, if I ever see that person again, I will use my first block against them. Spam + stoopid + nasty should get you banned.

All of that said, be kind to the people that you have stopped following for things like “Pepsi or Coke” question-bombing for Karma. Go back once in a while and see if they have learned how to be responsible and not such pains in the keister. Sometimes, people learn. I have started following a few of them again, because they don’t do those things any more. That’s as it should be. People grow and change, and they stop doing silly things.

But real spammers? Be ruthless.

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk. Feel free to say hi, but never to spam Plurk.