Entries for July, 2008

A Fine Plurkin’ Poem

. Today’s column is a guest post, by the lovely and talented Veronica Romm, who has two excellent blogs of her own: The Sports Girl and Who Knew? A Writer’s Blog. . . . Whether at home, or whether at work, We always manage to find time to Plurk. We may be just saying hello […]

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Plurked Intentions

Once upon a time, I decided that I would like to help a person, somewhere, that liked to write and would like to start with a blog, but for some reason could not. It seemed to me that Plurkers were an excellent place to find someone like this, since everyone there is already a micro-blogger. […]

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Vote For Your Favorite Plurkalike

We have five entrants for the Plurlalike contest. The winner will receive a free blog for a year, plus great software. The runner-up will receive just the software. Here are the prize descriptions. Take a look at each of the entries below, and vote for your favorite by leaving a comment on this post. The […]

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Welcome Back Plurker

A Plurkiverse column a month or so ago (forever in Plurk time) bemoaned a certain lack of direct support for music on Plurk, and went on to bemoan the sad state of intellectual property rights in the world today. There is a lot of music talk on Plurk, but what we mainly see and hear […]

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The Possible Pleasures (and Pain) of Plurkships

There are a million ways to be lonely in life, even in a crowd, and significantly fewer ways to be socially fulfilled. I could be a poster child for whatever disease that is. A lot of that is situational; people get trapped into lonely situations , or lonely places, or lonely frames of mind. Some […]

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Seriously Plurk

I think a lot of us love Plurk because it is a medium for light banter and fun. There is sure a lot of that that goes on, in thread after thread. On subjects as diverse as Oreos and Karma, we have fun with (and make fun of) almost everything. I have not studied it […]

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