Sometimes, like when George Carlin died, I feel a need to share an MP3 or two on Plurk. Most of the stuff that I listen to (my 892 favorite tracks) are from before video, so very often they are not on any of the video services. Although I have not tried, I assume that it is possible to paste a URL to an MP3 file into a Plurk. I could put them on my server and do that easily. But I am stopped by knowing that although I own the tracks, it is not legal for me to distribute them. That sucks.

Before I go on with my mini-rant at the legal and copyright systems, I do want to share some music from a fellow Plurker, and he has given me permission! SquireHogg is a massively interesting fellow from Chicago, and he makes a LOT of music. Here’s a link to one Plurk-related track and here’s a second one. SquireHogg has a LOT of talent!

But aside from His Squireness, the existing morass of copyright laws limits what I can legally share with you here and on Plurk, at least from my own collection. Of course, that keeps you safe from Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road by Louden Wainright III and The Power Tool Song by Don Bowman, not to mention Moose Turd Pie by the recently departed Utah Phillips. Still, these laws obviously need some reworking.

And I have a question. Why is it legal to share the YouTube video of a song, but not legal to share an MP3 of that same song? There must be a reason, and I confess that I don’t know what it is. I’ll bet there’s a Plurker who knows the answer, and I would be most gratified if they would share it with me.

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk, and I promise I’ll never sing in your vicinity. I’m that bad. :)