I think a lot of us love Plurk because it is a medium for light banter and fun. There is sure a lot of that that goes on, in thread after thread. On subjects as diverse as Oreos and Karma, we have fun with (and make fun of) almost everything. I have not studied it carefully, but I imagine the majority of public Plurking falls into this category. Plurkers are nothing if not fun-loving and witty.

But Plurk is not just a place to have fun. Sometimes, people are in a more serious mood, and a serious discussion ensues. I have been involved in a lot of these (believe it or not :) ) and enjoy them immensely. I am one of those that believes that we have a serious lack of meaningful discourse in our society, and that we are much the worse off for it. Although it does not hurt for our “leaders” to have meaningful discussions, it is more important that we citizens (and not citizens) talk to each other.

To this end I have both instigated and participated in Plurk discussions about religion, sex, politics, on-line relationships, intellectual property laws, child-rearing, health issues, and almost every other subject under the sun. All of this has happened with different people, at different times, at differing levels of intellectualism. I have learned something from every one.

I want to single out one conversation that is going on in a thread on Plurk that is critical to the fate of our society. It was started by Walter Burns, a man for whom I have immense respect. It has included a number of perspectives and and astonishingly honest exchange of views. This thread is about race, especially race in America, and you can find it by following this link.

When you see this kind of critical discussion going on, it is both humbling and gratifying. Without this kind of conversation, America will remain polarized, a collection of separate and distinct groups that do not understand one another. But when you’re having a discussion like this, you can almost feel the tension grow and drain in your shoulders. This is not politically correct bullshit. This is honesty, person-to-person, and it is what America needs.

I don’t even know how to start to thank Walter for bringing up this subject, and for skillfully moderating it. I can only hope that he, and others, will continue to bring up and discuss the important topics of the day, alongside the threads about peanuts and movies. There is a joy that comes from having fun, and there is a different joy that comes from intellectual honesty. There is room for both on Plurk, and many of our friends are making sure that both types of discussion happen. Thanks for that, a big thanks.

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk, and I’ll discuss almost anything.