A Plurkiverse column a month or so ago (forever in Plurk time) bemoaned a certain lack of direct support for music on Plurk, and went on to bemoan the sad state of intellectual property rights in the world today. There is a lot of music talk on Plurk, but what we mainly see and hear are music videos that may not even be within the law. That will not be a problem with today’s entertainment, the credits for which read as follows:

©2008 Michael W. Jones, Howard M. Segal (The Frawg and The Squire)
to the tune of Welcome Back Kotter, by John Sebastian

For some reason, the Squire put the Frawg first, but I will guarantee you that I have no musical talent whatsoever. I have a hard time playing the radio correctly. And this was the Squire’s idea. I just lifted the lyrics from an old song and updated them a little so that they reflect out Plurkality. The Squire did all the hard and talented stuff, which is why the following sounds so good when you click on it:


A million thanks to the Squire for letting me play a part in this creative process. It has been a blast. And I think that Plurkiverse.com now has an official theme song, which may well come in handy. :)

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk, and I’m having a blast!