Once upon a time, I decided that I would like to help a person, somewhere, that liked to write and would like to start with a blog, but for some reason could not. It seemed to me that Plurkers were an excellent place to find someone like this, since everyone there is already a micro-blogger. Just about the time I decided to hold an essay contest, Eric happened along with the Plurkcast, which I eventually wound up co-hosting. Since he was offering prizes, I decided to throw my prize of a blog into the bucket.

The essence of what I wanted to do was described in several PlurkCast contest pages, but was always tucked away at the very bottom, and read sort of like this:

We would like to present a complete blogging package to someone that really wants to blog, but can’t easily afford it. We will pay for the domain name for a year and will install WordPress, customize a theme so that it is really unique to the user, and host it for free. We will give that person pretty much whatever they need to get started except the content. We are sure that someone needs this to get a start, and we would love to help out the right person. Write us a 200+ word reason why you think the winner should be you, and send it to us.

Either because of where the information was placed, or because no one wants a free blog (it’s possible, I guess) no one ever wrote and sent an essay. The idea languished, and one day on the air it was decided to make this a part of a contest to see who could come up with an object, by finding or making it, that looked the most like Plurk. That contest happened, drew five entries and voting ensued.

It quickly became clear that she with the biggest organized following was going to win. That, of course, is all right. A lot of contests become popularity contests that are won by the person with the most organized votes. It always worked for Jimmy Hoffa, if nothing else. :) But Wendy already has a blog (quite popular, naturally) and so do all of the other contestants. If the winner would like another blog, I would be happy, of course, to honor my commitment.

At the same time, it is clear that my initial intentions have led me to free blog hell. None of this (the word fiasco comes unbidden to mind) has gotten me any closer to my original goal of helping some person get a blog of their own. So the original offer still stands, but this time from me alone. If you want to write a blog, and can’t afford it or just don’t know how to get started, let me know. Contact me on Plurk and I’ll let you know where to send your essay. Or just write it and paste it into the big box on the contact form of this blog. I’ll get back to you. This offer is open to knitters, too. :)

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk, and if you’re in dire need of a blog, I’m your guy. On the other hand, if you want to have another contest like this one, not so much, unless the prize is knitting needles.