Today’s column is a guest post, by the lovely and talented Veronica Romm, who has two excellent blogs of her own: The Sports Girl and Who Knew? A Writer’s Blog.




Whether at home,
or whether at work,
We always manage to find time to Plurk.

We may be just saying hello
Or complaining that the boss is a jerk
We welcome it all here at Plurk

Plurk means new friends
Fans and techies galore
All of these people join Plurk to explore.

Plurker’s come from big cities
Some come from small towns.
Many of them come though
Because Twitter is down.

Many topics and issues bring Plurker’s together
Be it questions about life and love
Or simply the oft changing weather

Plurk’s timeline is filled with threads
Of laughter, thoughts and even drama
And let’s not forget that there is always the Karma

Plurker’s are faithful and full of conviction
And some of them have
What we call Plurk addiction.

Yet happy we are Plurking and responding
For Plurk is a place for learning,
Laughter and bonding.

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk. Send me a poem any time.