Entries for July, 2008


It has been interesting to watch the reactions people have had while Plurk has been going through a few problems recently. You can tell a lot about people by the way they react to the problems of other people, and what you find out is not always pleasant. Fortunately, most of the time it is […]

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The Personality of Plurk

We have all talked about the differences between Plurk and other social sites, because it is fun to do so. We have talked about design issues, the GUI, the threads, the conversational mores, and the people that we know and love on Plurk. All of that is great, and true, and fascinating. But, to me, […]

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PlurkCast Looks-Like-Plurk Contest

As we announced on the July 16th PlurkCast, Eric and I are giving away some incredible prizes in just a week, on the July 23rd Plurkcast. This time, though, it is more of a friendly competition. The contest was inspired by the PlurkCake, which we are sure that you have all seen by now. The […]

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Birth of a Plurkdaddy

This is a guest post by Plurkdaddy, who materialized out of thin air a couple of weeks ago on Plurk, to the utter amazement of his parents and friends. Hi. I’m Plurkdaddy and I’m eleven days old. That’s a little young to be a daddy, but I am a precocious kid. I was born in […]

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The Many Faces of Plurk

It is marvelous to see the variety on Plurk, and the uses to which the site gets put. The first astonishing diversity is the people of Plurk. I have Plurk-friends from many places, many races, and many different spaces. It is about as not-conformist as you can get, with engaging movers, D.C. geeks, fascinating poets […]

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Friends, Fans, and Responsibility

This has been batted around before, but I don’t really get the purpose of Plurk fans. In fact, the entire concept of fans has always seemed more that a little pompous to me. I neither need nor want fans; I’m a four-inch-tall amphibian, not a rock star. What I would vastly prefer is that anyone […]

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