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Shifting Sands

It is fascinating to watch the shifting sands of Plurk. Like any group of people, the Pluckiverse is plastic, in that it constantly ebbs and flows. Just as any living thing does, it evolves. People come and go, perhaps not liking something about the site, perhaps being more into announcements than conversation, or perhaps just […]

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PlurkTalk Tonight

There will be a PlurkTalk webcast this evening, as has become usual for Wednesdays. This will be the first night that ThoughtWrong and I will be co-hosting the show, inaugurating a new partnership in the area of Plurk webcasts. We will be each others co-hosts on my Wednesday show and his Friday show. Although we […]

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Conversations You Probably Should Not Be In

Plurk is a place of many phenomena. I tend to find many of them fascinating. It is, after all, a place of people and people are as frangible as it gets. So the occurrences on Plurk tend to be incredibly diverse. The Phenomena of the Day today is Conversations You Probably Should Not Be In. […]

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PlurkTalk Rides Again

Well, the first PlurkTalk show came off all right so we have decided to keep doing them. That was a joke. Sort of. We had a great deal of fun at the last show and once again learned some things about some of our fellow plurkers. We also managed to have interesting discussions on air […]

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The Inaugeral PlurkTalk

We still have not managed any practice time, but we’ll still get PlurkTalk off the ground this evening at 8:00 Central. This is the first time that we have done a show under this name, but the format will remain the same as the ones that we have been doing for quite a while under […]

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Plurkcast –> PlurkTalk

After having given it a lot of thought, I have decided to stop doing Plurkcasts, and start doing PlurkTalks. Neither Eric Odom nor Bloggeries (both very busy people) have been to a Plurkcast in a long time, though Eric was the founder and Bloggeries now owns Plurkable, which once belonged to Eric. I am making […]

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