Christmas night is a good night for Plurktalk! We should all have had nice holidays, gotten lots of presents, and eaten too much food. If you need another reason, ClassTax is going to bring his son, who will play the piano for us!  That’s right, tonight we’re offering seasonal music! Should you decide to attend, of course, we cannot be responsible for any seasonal holiday issues which may ensue, although we are pretty sure that some of us have been naughty, while others of us have been nice. Don’t ask. Your mileage may vary, unlawful in certain states, please remember to apply the proper postage, and (most importantly) get your own damned batteries.

Wednesday, Dec. 25 at 8:00 pm Central Time

You can watch and or listen just by going to that address. To participate, audio or video, you will have to join Stickam and friend user plurktalk. The Stickam system is sometimes slow in processing friend requests, so try to do this early. We will do a couple of announcements of the show today on Plurk. We will also use Plurk to ask for the topics you would like to see discussed during this show. If you miss those and want to see a particular topic discussed, please leave it as a comment to this post.:)

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk and I look forward to seeing you tonight’s PlurkTalk.