I imagine we should have a Plurktalk tonight, but then again I have a pretty vivid imagination. I keep proving that, regardless of outcome. No, that’s not necessarily a good thing, even for a writer. Sometimes it is just a spectacular way to auger in. Other times it is sort of a break-even. Rarely is it horribly positive. As usual, my right brain, such as it is, will be on display this evening. Unpredictability is king. I will do my best to stuff my left brain in the brain safe and not over-analyze, but no promises. I keep making promises, and I keep keeping them, but it’s actually not good for much. As you can tell, I’m in a mood. Might be an interesting show, might be a bust. One never knows, do one? My mood may be a little better, but still, bring Kevlar.

Wednesday, June 10, at 8:00 pm Central Time
URL: http://www.stickam.com/plurktalk

You can watch and or listen just by going to that address. To participate, audio or video, you will have to join Stickam and friend user plurktalk. The Stickam system is sometimes slow in processing friend requests, so try to do this early. We will do a couple of announcements of the show today on Plurk. We will also use Plurk to ask for the topics you would like to see discussed during this show. If you miss those and want to see a particular topic discussed, please leave it as a comment to this post. Still no tutorial on joining Stickam, life has been entertainingly full. :)

I’m KDFrawg on Plurk and I look forward to seeing you tonight’s PlurkTalk.