I’m a writer from Lawrence, Kansas, the home of Kansas University. Life is grand with my wife lovely wife Sabine, my virtually perfect daughter Amanda, and my Weird Dawg Tucker. This site is here because I think Plurk is the coolest thing to come down the pike since 1977, when I got my first email address or 1981, when I first logged into the Compuserve CB Simulator, the mother of all social media sites.

So, what else about me? I worked mainly in the computer industry, first coding, then managing large software development projects. I lived most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in Moss Beach, Foster City, and Burlingame. Multiple sclerosis knocked me over a few years ago, followed by a bout with cancer. I am now disabled and making almost no money at all by writing novels. ;o) I’m doing slightly better with blogging, on my own and for pay, plus being editor of a Humanist Web-zine. I am kdfrawg on virtually every social media site except Facebook, where I am Michael W. Jones. I’m told my personality type is INTJ, for those of you that care. :)