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Birth of a Plurkdaddy

This is a guest post by Plurkdaddy, who materialized out of thin air a couple of weeks ago on Plurk, to the utter amazement of his parents and friends. Hi. I’m Plurkdaddy and I’m eleven days old. That’s a little young to be a daddy, but I am a precocious kid. I was born in […]

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New Media Customer Service

This is a guest post by DebInDenver, who writes her own nifty blog called I Can’t Keep Up…social media for busy people. New media companies are valuing the feedback they get from their users and showing it. Through recent experience with several new applications, I have been able to try out some new technology and […]

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Beware Plurkdenity Theft!

This is a guest-post by Ruggsymuggs, a proud citizen of the Plurkiverse and now the record holder for the youngest guest poster on this site. As you may have heard, the citizens of the Plurkiverse have been caught up in a predicament over the last few days (and hours). I have heard rumors of many […]

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Guest Post: An In-Depth Look at Plurk

This is a Guest Post by Keith Hanson. Most of my Plurk buddies know that I’ve been working furiously on a desktop client for The UI of Plurk is absolutely amazing, and much thought has obviously gone into making the Plurk micro-blogging experience a better one, as well as providing more of a community […]

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Guest Post: Thoughts from the Plurkiverse

This is a guest post by Rob, the admin of the Bloggeries blog directory. He is Bloggeries at Plurk. I absolutely love Plurk. The only reason I’m actually writing this now is because the service is down and I don’t feel like doing other arguably more important stuff; at least not in the short run. […]

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