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Shifting Sands

It is fascinating to watch the shifting sands of Plurk. Like any group of people, the Pluckiverse is plastic, in that it constantly ebbs and flows. Just as any living thing does, it evolves. People come and go, perhaps not liking something about the site, perhaps being more into announcements than conversation, or perhaps just […]

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Conversations You Probably Should Not Be In

Plurk is a place of many phenomena. I tend to find many of them fascinating. It is, after all, a place of people and people are as frangible as it gets. So the occurrences on Plurk tend to be incredibly diverse. The Phenomena of the Day today is Conversations You Probably Should Not Be In. […]

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Plurkcast September 3

Despite a VERY busy day today, I’m itching to do at least one Plurkcast this week (there may be others) and that will be this evening. This Wednesday evening hour seemed to work out well for a lot of people last week. This evening, we will talk about the continuing lack of our privates tab, […]

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There’s No Business Like Plurk Business

The dynamic duo ( well, the Squire is dynamic! ) is back to bring you another song just for Plurkers. SquireHogg has done his usual magnificent job, making even the weird words of KDFrawg sound good. This time it’s an old show tune, and the Squire has given it the full treatment! It captures a […]

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Plurked Intentions

Once upon a time, I decided that I would like to help a person, somewhere, that liked to write and would like to start with a blog, but for some reason could not. It seemed to me that Plurkers were an excellent place to find someone like this, since everyone there is already a micro-blogger. […]

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Welcome Back Plurker

A Plurkiverse column a month or so ago (forever in Plurk time) bemoaned a certain lack of direct support for music on Plurk, and went on to bemoan the sad state of intellectual property rights in the world today. There is a lot of music talk on Plurk, but what we mainly see and hear […]

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