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Finally Vonnegut Night

I Think this Vonnegut thing is finally going to work tonight. For information on the rationale for the event, take a look here: Plurktalk Late Night – Vonnegut but carefully ignore the date. It happens tonight. We have had much difficulty in getting this idea off the ground, but it’s finally going to work. We’re […]

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Not quite Vonnegut night…

Well, we seem to have blown a Vonnegut fuse. I personally cheated on the Vonnegut thing, having read the book before announcing that it would be a good idea to talk about the concepts. But Ms. Pritcharddesign went to help her sister move and Willfall’s landlord dropped a wrench on his car and the wheels […]

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The Charge of the Frawg Brigade

Okay, one more time into the breach. Last week was pretty damned good again, and I guess most of the recent shows have been a lot of  fun, and I’m still feeling a bit of the the ‘tude. So it looks like we have a chance at going for it again. Just to make sure, […]

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Plucking Furktalk

Against my better judgment, we’re going to do it again. Frawgs have no shame, and we’re going to prove it. Yeppers, that means it’s Plurktalk night again. Get ready to talk maxims of life, tee-shirts on the wall, and Kevlar under the BLACK 501’s. No promises about the safety of minors. This might be a […]

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It may be Plurktalk. ( shrug )

I imagine we should have a Plurktalk tonight, but then again I have a pretty vivid imagination. I keep proving that, regardless of outcome. No, that’s not necessarily a good thing, even for a writer. Sometimes it is just a spectacular way to auger in. Other times it is sort of a break-even. Rarely is […]

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Laura’s Special Plurktalk

This will be a Special Edition of Plurktalk dedicated to the birthday of Ms. Laura Pritchard, or @pritcharddesign on Plurk. It will be held on a special day, just because I can and want to. Think of it as a birthday gift that we can all give to our favorite birthday girl. Besides, she has […]

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