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Shifting Sands

It is fascinating to watch the shifting sands of Plurk. Like any group of people, the Pluckiverse is plastic, in that it constantly ebbs and flows. Just as any living thing does, it evolves. People come and go, perhaps not liking something about the site, perhaps being more into announcements than conversation, or perhaps just […]

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The Possible Pleasures (and Pain) of Plurkships

There are a million ways to be lonely in life, even in a crowd, and significantly fewer ways to be socially fulfilled. I could be a poster child for whatever disease that is. A lot of that is situational; people get trapped into lonely situations , or lonely places, or lonely frames of mind. Some […]

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Birth of a Plurkdaddy

This is a guest post by Plurkdaddy, who materialized out of thin air a couple of weeks ago on Plurk, to the utter amazement of his parents and friends. Hi. I’m Plurkdaddy and I’m eleven days old. That’s a little young to be a daddy, but I am a precocious kid. I was born in […]

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The Many Faces of Plurk

It is marvelous to see the variety on Plurk, and the uses to which the site gets put. The first astonishing diversity is the people of Plurk. I have Plurk-friends from many places, many races, and many different spaces. It is about as not-conformist as you can get, with engaging movers, D.C. geeks, fascinating poets […]

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