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Daily Plurk Grab Bag

First, let me say that yesterdays Plurkcast was an absolute blast to be involved in. Eric, owner of, has been nice enough to tell me that I can come back next week, and any other week that I want. I am so into Plurk, and so behind what Eric is doing, that I cannot […]

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Karma Revisited

It occurs to me that Karma is going to continue to be a big deal, whether you and I are big Karma fans are not. Society is currently structured in such a way that we have to have a way to keep score in everything we do. For Plurkers, Karma is pretty much all the […]

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The Ugly Side of Karma

Karma is neither good nor bad. Like air, it just is. And, like sour pickles, some people like it and some people don’t. ( for the record, topsurf does not like sour pickles ) Karma is also like the weather and food. Absolutely everybody talks about it, absolutely all the time. BigBoss has noticed that […]

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Karma, Thou Wicked Wench!

When we received the wonders of Plurk, we also received the perils and rigors of Karma. I have mixed feelings about this “feature.” The main intent of Karma, of course, is to have you bring your friends flocking to Plurk, and to keep you using the service 24 hours a day. This means, if nothing […]

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Guest Post: Thoughts from the Plurkiverse

This is a guest post by Rob, the admin of the Bloggeries blog directory. He is Bloggeries at Plurk. I absolutely love Plurk. The only reason I’m actually writing this now is because the service is down and I don’t feel like doing other arguably more important stuff; at least not in the short run. […]

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