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The Personality of Plurk

We have all talked about the differences between Plurk and other social sites, because it is fun to do so. We have talked about design issues, the GUI, the threads, the conversational mores, and the people that we know and love on Plurk. All of that is great, and true, and fascinating. But, to me, […]

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Plurk Cares

I think that most of us know this, just from hanging around there, but Plurk really cares about what we think. I was reminded of that again this morning when @amix posted a comment on yesterdays Plurkiverse post. He didn’t have to do that. Heck, I don’t even know how he knew that there was […]

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Is There A Plurk API In Our Future?

I have been thinking about this question a lot, and had written about half a column about it, when Keith Hanson appeared in an IM window this morning. We had a very interesting conversation about it. We agree that it would be handy to have an API, for any number of reasons, but we also […]

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Incredible Plurkin’ People

Yeah, I know, Plurk has questions-for-Karma spammers. Yes, I also know that Plurk has the occasional person who uses their plurks solely to show us how important (they think) they are. Those people are annoying, but you can find people like that everywhere, on-line or even in that weird real-life place. On Plurk, you can […]

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Plurk Is For Conversations, Dammit!

This column is once again inspired by events. What the heck would we do without events? This time, it was a comment on yesterday’s column by Douglas Karr, a respected internet marketing maven. He is not sure yet about Plurk, because of the lack of a standalone client and integration to other social media sites. […]

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Plurk As A Micro-Blogging Platform

Veteran Plurker @dotlizard has very astutely suggested an addition to my proposed list of sobriquets which could rightfully be applied to Plurk. I have added her suggestion to the original column and will use her words to tell why Plurk also belongs to the category Micro-Blogging. One forgets (at least I did) how quickly Web […]

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